Domande Frequenti (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -




Q. Someone send me spam via comments/private messages

A. Please report a spammer via button on user's profile page.


Q. I see my copyrighted content on, please remove it

A. Please send us the direct url of the movie or picture to delete it


Q. Someone uploaded movie with me, please remove it, it can ruin my life!

A. Please send us the direct url of the movie or picture to delete it


Q. There is illegal content (rape, zoo, cp) on, please delete it

A. Please send us the direct url of the movie or to delete it




Basic Questions:



A. Yes, is a free site.


Q. How can I restore my password?

A. Use to restore your password


Q. I forgot my username, how can I get it?

A. Use  to get username and password


Q. Can I change my username?

A. No, if you want another username you have to register second time with another e-mail


Q. A video from my favourites was deleted, what's up?

A. It could be removed by uploader or by moderator because of abuse or for other reasons


Q. How can i block user from sending me messages and comments?

A. You have to press button "Block user" on his profile page




Technical Questions:


Q. How can I see videos?

A. Our player requires the Flash-Plugin Version 9 or higher. Please download and install the latest Version, then restart your browser.

Please check if you have any ad blocker or ref blocker programs or extensions, it can block our player.

Q. How can i watch on my Iphone/Blackberry/other mobile device?

A. is Responsive Site and available for all Mobile Phone's .


Q. The movie keeps stopping while I'm watching it. What is wrong?

A. It may be due to your connection speed, you need 600+kbps speed to watch all videos properly.


Q. My country blocked, how can i watch my favourite site?

A. Check Google for " Free VPN "


Q. I have no sound, how can i fix it?

A. Please check sound button, isn't it muted? Also please read this article: to fix the problem


Q. How can I change my username?

A. Unfortunately there is no such option for the moment. The only way is to delete the current account and create the new one with another email.